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The Athletic Training Daily Journal is OUT and available!

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We are currently working through a beta test period to ensure we have the best quality product moving forward as we put together the entire journal. Please check out the basics of what the ATDJ is all about. More information on how to sample and purchase coming soon!

We wrote this book not because we have attained a wisdom that others haven’t but because we wish we could have had more of these throughout our careers. Like many, we have made more than our fair share of mistakes and can only hope to learn and grow from them. We hope that through the pages and prompts of this book we can help people reflect, grow, and make things better for themselves and the profession because of it. We look forward to hopefully giving back and definitely in growing with you in the future.

There are endless incredible books, talks, seminars, quotes, and insights that anyone can use to reflect upon. Through our own readings we have done our best to include 366 of ones that have impacted us the most and resulted in our own self-reflection. While this edition of the Athletic Training Daily Journal is by no means exhaustive we hope it can start as a beginning and then continue to evolve with everyone as we continue to read, learn, reflect and grow in the future. 

The Athletic Training Daily Journal was inspired by The Daily Stoic Journal, Morning Pages and 5-Minutes journal but with the unique focus on the profession we all care so much about, athletic training. Each page will have a quote, passage, story, idea or other bit of information for reading and reflecting. Along with each entry there will be prompts that have been specifically tailored to focus on a specific topic and related athletic training area or experience. The rest of the space is yours to deep thought and reflection. Ask questions, search for answers, spark discussions and help yourself, those you are closest with and the profession continue to grow. There are 366 days, do them consecutively or at your own pace, there is no right way other than what gives you the most out of it.

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