Thursday, August 19, 2021

Ep. 83: Dan Ruedeman-AT in Ortho Trauma

Dan Ruedeman is an AT that works in the Ortho Trauma department at a University of Colorado Hospital. Dan hasn’t had the most “normal” path to becoming an AT (includes taking the BOC exam 6 times) but has worked his way to this current role and doing so much to promote ATs in physician practice.

In this episode we talk about all the unique aspects of physician practice that ATs can be of help with. Dan has a lot of unique insight and passion for this role and the impact it can have on different patient populations. If you’ve ever considered working in physician practice this is a great episode to listen to in order to get more information. I personally learned a lot from this episode and hope that you do as well.

In This Episode
+Working in orthopedic trauma
+OTC certification, BOC certification to come
+Looking at residency programs for experience
+What a typical week looks like
+Have to be able to give back to people and profession
+Empathy talks

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Friday, May 28, 2021

Ep. 82: Dr. Justin Young-Tactical Athlete Care

Justin Young is an athletic trainer who just completed his DAT from Indiana State University. During his time there he started working with and building a Tactical Athlete Care Clinic that has evolved over the past two years (even with COVID). 

In this episode we discuss working with tactical athletes and what that looks like in this setting off athletic training. It comes with some unique challenges and Justin shares with us what he has identified, how he has gone about addressing it and how he plans to continue to build the care clinic in the future. 

Justin provides a ton of insight that would be very useful if you’re looking to work with tactical athletes but also, many that would apply to any setting. The demonstration of value and how ATs can impact this unique group of athletes can be applied across so many settings of AT.

Enjoy this episode with Justin Young.

In This Episode:

+Grey area for work comp vs. ache/pain.

+Screening process->Data->Facilitate care/rehab->Population based rehab->Repeat screening and use

+Patient education: Across the board

+Knowing what stakeholders and patients are looking for

+ATs are public health

+What gets measured gets done

Connect with Justin:

Twitter: @justiny_atc

LinkedIn: Justin Young DAT, LAT, ATC



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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Ep. 81: Mark D'Anza-SSAT Service

Mark D’Anza is an athletic trainer out in Las Vegas and was previously on the podcast for Ep. 42: Service in Athletic Training. We’ve been meaning to follow up with Mark because at that time he was just about to embark in service on the national SSAT committee. 

In this conversation we touch base about how things have been going on the SSAT committee and what they have been working on over the course of about a year since Mark was gearing up to get ready for it. Mark and the committee have been busy at work and are continuing to come up with resources for SSAT all over the country and trying to make them as applicable as possible for this special group of people that serve patient across the country.

Please enjoy this follow-up episode with Mark D’Anza.

In This Episode

+Secondary school symposium

+Advocacy and push AT but can't control hiring

+Finding key stakeholders

+Connecting people to resources

+Reaching out to those you are representing

+Communication can't be an excuse

Connect with Mark

Twitter: @MarkdATC

www. Far West Athletic Trainers

@: mark.j.danza@gmail.com 



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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Ep. 80: Meg Johnson-Athlete and AT

Meg Johnson has such a unique story about becoming an AT we felt the story had to be told, not only by use but check out the Sports Medicine Broadcast in a couple weeks for more from Meg. Meg is in a unique position with how she because an AT while at the same time being a student-athlete. This isn’t a common path to taking the courses and getting certified, throw a significant injury into the mix and Meg is now on her 6th year of eligibility. Oh and did we mention, she is doing grad school to fill that 6th year?

As we mentioned Meg’s story is unique and she has such a unique insight into what it takes to be an athletic trainer. The plan she has laid out (more on this with the SMB) is going to be nothing but impactful for her and the people she serves. Enjoy this episode and unique insight from Meg.

In This Episode

+Balance: In-season vs. out of season priorities

+Compartmentalize and prioritize

+Medical hardship shaping future path and career

+Experience lending to credibility, perspective

+Using experience as a student-athlete for future patient interaction

+Licensed in clinical counseling

Connect with Meg

Twitter: @GreenMegandHam

IG: @MegxJohn16



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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Ep. 79: Brea Stanton-Mentor and Mentee

Brea is finishing up her second year in the DAT program at Indiana State University where she is also currently working as a GA working with a local high school. As part of the process of working through the DAT each student was required to serve as a mentor for other ATs and also reach out to a potential mentor. That is how this episode came to be.

Brea and Joel go back to their time together at UW-La Crosse where Brea was a student and Joel served as a preceptor. They didn’t see eye-to-eye on everything and hadn’t stayed in touch after Brea graduated. The mentor program has allowed them to reconnect and that’s what they discuss. The renewed connection has allowed them both to learn and that’s bee a huge key to the success. Enjoy.

In This Episode:

+Mentor and Mentee training through DAT

+Just reach out and ask. List why you're asking.

+Look for qualities you want and highlight when you ask.

+Title vs. Qualities

+Perspective is so important and able to shift.

Connect with Brea:

Twitter: @stantonbrea

IG: BreaStanton18

@: brea3212@gmail.com

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Ep. 78: Josh Dawsey-Importance of Job Fit and SSAT

In this episode we were able to speak with Josh Dawsey who is primarily a secondary school AT in the southern Louisiana area.  Josh is a great advocate for finding a job that fits your lifestyle, goals, beliefs, and schedule.  Josh is very passionate about bringing his own skills to the table and finding the right team that appreciates those values and skills.  He is a family man with 3 young children and a very supportive wife and he chimes into his work/life balance in this episode as well.  

All in all, he shares some great advice and stories about what he has learned and what others can learn from his job experiences.  This episode is a great resource if you’re just getting into the profession, struggling to find balance, or looking to make a change. Enjoy this episode with Josh Dawsey.

Highlights of This Episode:

+Managing life with work and family

+Finding fit in your job


+Productive conversations

+Advocating and advancing

Connect with Josh:

Twitter: @jkdawsey



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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Ep. 77: Dr. Matt Kutz-Contextual Intelligence

Dr. Matt Kutz is professor in the athletic training program but does so much beyond that. Dr. Kutz is on the forefront of research and development when it comes to leadership in not only athletic training, but organizations in general. Dr. Kutz has put out many great articles focusing on leadership in athletic training and we get into the details of how that all got started and where it has taken him in his career. The story is amazing and shows just how far the skillset and knowledge of athletic trainers can go.

This conversation covers a lot when it comes to leadership in athletic training and why this has become such a focus for Dr. Kutz. You will hear about the importance of a specific aspect of Domain 5 and why Dr. Kutz thinks it is so important, not only within the profession of athletic training but helping the community understand what we our profession can do. We also spend time discussing Contextual Intelligence (Book: ) and how it plays into so many roles athletic trainers have in leadership, in the clinic and beyond. Lots of great information about this concept and how we all can apply it to life and work. Please enjoy this episode.

Highlights of this Episode:

+Chaos is the package your potential arrives in.

+Contextual Intelligence: 3D thinking

+Domain 5: Task 1, Item S

+Leadership is a skill.

+Obligation for ATs to work on leadership

+Non-clinical skill that has clinical significance

+Our skillset as ATs is transferable

+RKA: Recognize | Know the new metric | Adjust to the metric

Connect with Dr. Kutz:

Twitter: @drmattkutz

www: www.matthewkutz.com



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