Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Ep. 107: Aaron Jackson Part II-Being a Young Professional

In this part II with Aaron, Mercedes and Aaron talk about the start of his career and all the things that it entails. Thy have a great conversation on the resources that are and might be available to young professionals and how it can vary from situation to situation. They also discuss ideas for assisting young professionals make the transition in their career and help them achieve longevity in the profession.

Please enjoy.

In this Episode:

+Young Professional

+Resources for success in your role

+Ideas for assistance to YPs


Twitter: akjackson_atc




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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Ep. 106: Aaron Jackson-ATs Role in Mental Health Wellness for Our Patients Part I

In this two part episode, Aaron Jackson talks with host Mercedes Himmons on the importance of mental health in our patients and the ATs role. This topic can’t be talked about enough and Aaron brings a lot of great insight and talks about the research he has been doing and how he applies best practices to working with his patients. Aaron provides so much insight into mental health and the ATs role.

At times things can be overwhelming for an AT when they have their own mental health to consider while also doing whatever they can to support the patients they work with.  Please check out this Part I with Aaron Jackson and get some great insight. Please find Part II released next week.

In this Episode:

+Master’s research

+Themes in mental health

+ATs role in patients mental health

+Mental health planning


Twitter: akjackson_atc




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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Ep. 105: Lori Uretsky-A Variety of Settings. Current: Military

Lori Uretsky has done a lot in her career and picked up so many invaluable skills along the way. Currently Lori works in the military setting and she couldn’t be happier doing it. In this episode that is what we talk about. Lori outlines the demands that are placed on the military members she works with and how it influences her care approach to each individual. She highlights how important it is to focus on the individual and what they need from you and she accomplishes this by focusing on specific questions.

We also talk on a much broader on how Lori has grown her skillset and knowledge of different interventions. Lori has done a lot of continuing education and at times it can be hard to figure out what type of intervention you want to use. We talk about how Lori balances everything and figures out how to best apply them with her patients.  There is so much great information packed into this episode, enjoy!

In this Episode:

+Skillsets and certifications

+Individualized care, asking questions

+Balancing care

+Government service one vs. contractor

+Build skills to fit the role


+LinkedIn: Lori Uretsky

+Twitter: @lori_bu3

+Instagram: loribu3

+Armed Forces AT Society (FB, Instagram, Twitter)

+NATA Armed Forces




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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Ep. 104: Caleb Lott & Jared Maisel-APATS

In this episode we talk to Caleb Lott and Jared Maisel who athletic trainers who have worked (and continue to) in secondary settings in Asia. In this episode we talk about their experiences and how things are similar and also very different from the setting we are used to in the United States. Caleb has been working in Asia for 8 years and has been raising a family in Asia and talks about the great experiences his job has provided him and his family. Jared started off working in Asia and now has moved to Brussels and is starting to build a new program for athletic training and expose those he care for to what the profession can do.

We also discuss APATS, Asia Pacific Athletic Trainer’s Society, and how it was formed and the reason for its creation. Both Caleb and Jared were there at the beginning of APATS. They share how and why it was created and what the goals are of the group as it continued to grow and build more of a presence in Asia. If you have any interest in working in Asia, this is a great episode to learn so much and get a much better idea of what it all entails.


In this Episode:

+The creation of APATS

+Working in Asia

+Benefits and difficulties of working in Asia

+Promoting the profession


+Caleb: lottc@tas.edu.tw

+Jared:  maiselj@isb.be & @JaredATC

+IG: @APATsociety



+NATA International Committee Ambassador Program




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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Ep. 103: Rory Blevins-Practicing at the Highest Level, At Any Level

Rory is an athletic trainer that currently works in the secondary setting at a Texas high school. Rory has done quite a bit in his career this far and that is what we talk about in this episode. Rory’s goal was to work with elite and professional soccer and so he set out on a path to get there. He shares his story about how he helped create opportunities for himself to reach that goal. He highlights the importance of reaching out and trying to connect with people and how important that can be to getting where you want to.

We then talk about how priorities in life shifted and where Rory is now. Rory has great insight on how things changed in his life and how he has now worked to continue to find meaning in his work while also still being able to practice his skills at the highest level. There is great insight into this idea for anyone that is going through, or thinking of, a change in the career and the setting they are working in. Please enjoy this episode.

In this Episode:

+Redefining purpose

+Competition within AT

+Importance of who you know and the importance of reaching out

+Soft tissue work in soccer and in the SSAT setting

+Resources in the SSAT setting

+Work life integration

Connect w/ Rory

Twitter: Rory_Blevins

IG: blevins.rory15

FB: Rory Blevins




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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Ep. 101: Chelsea Lowe-Filling the Void and Finding Purpose

Chelsea Lowe is an athletic trainer that has hit every goal she has set out for herself during her career. She is ambitious, caring and will do anything she can to help the patients she serves. All of these are admirable qualities and important in being an athletic trainer. But what happens when it becomes too much and that starts to impact your ability to take care of yourself and ultimately those you serve? This is what we talk about in this episode.

Chelsea shares how things shifted in her career and it ultimately led her to moving out of the athletic training profession in the traditional sense of providing care. She has moved into working with a secondary athletic insurance company that has allowed her to bring new balance to her life. We talk about the void that has been left in her identity since leaving traditional AT practice and how she has worked to continue to fill that and identify what might fill that in the future. 

If you’ve been stressed as an AT or unsure about your future in the profession this is a great episode to hear what someone else went through.

In this Episode:

+Transition to a new job.

+Fill the void with change.


+Leader vs. Manager. What is in a title.

+How much is to much to take on.

+Providing a safe space.

Connect w/ Chelsea

Twitter: @sportzgurl5280

IG: @sportzgurl5280

FB: Chelsea Lowe

@: chelsealowe.5280@gmail.com

Tiktok: sportzgurl5280

LinkedIn: Chelsea Lowe MSE, LAT, ATC




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Friday, March 11, 2022

Ep. 100: We Made it to 100! & THANK YOU

 The hosts of ATChat celebrate episode 100. We have a discussion about what the last 100 episodes have meant to us and what we’ve learned since we started. We also discuss what we hope the next 100 episodes (yes, committing to that many) will bring to not only us but also the profession.

We want to especially THANK all of the wonderful guests that have taken to the time to be on the show and also thank ALL of the listeners. We only hope we can provide you some new insight and connections to our great profession.

In this Episode:

+What we’ve learned

+What we hope is coming next





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