Friday, September 23, 2022

Ep. 115: Jen Sturtevant-Inclusivity & Leadership

Jen is an athletic trainer in the secondary setting while also having numerous responsibilities in the health system she is employed by. In addition to those roles, Jen is also the committee chair of the NATA LGBTQ+ Committee. Inclusivity has been a part of Jen’s daily life for a long time as she works in one of the most diverse schools in Boston and she has had to learn to find ways to make sure to include everyone and make sure they are getting the equitable care they deserve.

In this episode, we talk about inclusivity, what it means and how it applies not only to the athletic training profession but to healthcare in general. Jen shares a lot of great ideas about what we can do to be more inclusive. We also talk about leadership and what that means and how inclusivity is a huge part of it. There is a lot of great things to take away from this episode and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

In this Episode:

+Getting a MBA and its application to AT

+LGBTQIA+ Defined

+Barriers to healthcare to this group

+Inclusive leadership

+Improving inclusivity within athletic training

+Communicating with administration and stakeholders on this topic


Twitter: @sturdy2025

LinkedIn: Jen Sturtevant

@: jsturtevant@melrosewakefield.org




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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Ep. 114: Grady Congleton-4D Sports Medicine

Grady is an athletic trainer that currently works with middle school athletes. At the time of this recording he was writing a blog called “Youth Sports Reimagined”. Since then he has rebranded it to “4D Sports Medicine”. Everything in the conversation still applies, it is just happening under a different name.

In this episode we talk about how youth sports has been going through its own arms race and the detrimental impacts it has been having on some youth sports athletes. There is no quick fix for what youth sports have become and it will take many people to help restore it back to where athletes aren’t quitting at the age of 13. Hear some of the things that Grady has picked up in his education and experience working with these athletes. Check it out.


In this Episode:

+Living vicariously through kids

+Long-term athlete development model

+Injury and quitting around the age of 13

+Best practices to communicate and educate

+Importance of ATs and shifting youth sport culture

Mentioned: Freakonomics, Adam Grant, Atomic Habits


Twitter: gradyatc




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Ep. 113: Ashley Peper-Marketing AT: Learning As You Go

Ashley Peper is an athletic trainer in Waco Texas who works in the clinic but also does outreach to several small schools in the surrounding area. On top of these responsibilities she has also taken on the marketing efforts for the sports medicine team that she works with. Having no official marketing background it has been something new and that she has learned to do on the fly. In this episode we talk about what she has been doing when it comes to marketing, what has been most effective and things she thinks that any athletic trainer can try and put into their own practice to help market what they do.

Most athletic trainers aren’t formally trained in marketing but it is imperative to the profession that we continue to market ourselves, what we do and the value we provide. There are some great take aways from this episode that you can implement right away and help market yourself and/or your team. Enjoy.

In this Episode:

+Advocating for yourself and your team.

+Best marketing materials

+Make it easy for people to access you

+Do’s and Don’ts


Instagram: @ashpeper

Facebook: Ashley Luedke Peper

Twitter: @Ashleypeper17




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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Ep. 112: Courtney Fernandes-Project Chaos

In this episode we talk with Courtney Fernando’s who just finished up her masters work at the University of Toledo. While she was there she was part of an interesting research project named, ‘Project Chaos’. The name alone grabbed our attention and so we wanted to talk with Courtney about what the project was and how it can impact rehabilitation going forward.

The conversation was extremely interesting and there is a lot that this project attempted to take a look at. If you are listening to this, please check out the YouTube video for videos showing the actual testing. The preliminary results from this study take a look at how we can potentially better understand the return to sport process for athletes and how they respond in uncertain environments. This is a key aspect of the rehabilitation process and one that can be hard to mimic in a traditional rehabilitation setting. 

This was a very interesting project and a great discussion on it, please enjoy.

In this Episode:

+Bridge from rehab to return to play

+What we knew, now being shown in science

+Better ideas for return to play

+Focus on patient as a whole, beyond just the playing surface

+Study resources: 

State Trait Anxiety Inventory  (We used the STAI-6, a shortened version with only 6 questions)


Twitter: @ATC_CourtFern

IG:  courtfern_sportsmed

@: courtney.a.fernandes@gmail.com




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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Ep. 111: Zach Turner-Reading to Improve AT Practice

We aren’t talking AT textbooks or anything directly related, but yes, reading is what we are focused on. Zach is an avid reader and is constantly looking for books that stretch his thinking and figuring out how to apply into his AT practice and daily interactions. We discuss some of the books that have had a significant impact on Zach and how he approaches his role in the university setting.

If you’re looking for a couple books to read or just want to hear how someone is taking books that they enjoy and applying them differently to their practice, this is a great episode. If you want some entertainment on Twitter, follow Zach, he usually has something good to say and will definitely get a laugh from you. Please enjoy this episode with Zach Turner.

In this Episode:

+Applying lessons to the real world

+Understanding humility and applying it

+Broadening perspective

+Applying non-AT concepts to AT

+Being open to all learning


Twitter: TurnBomb15

IG: zturnerofficial96_




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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Ep. 110: Joe Kanefsky Phd-AT Services to Service AT

Joe Kanefsky has done quite a bit in his career. Worked in the collegiate setting, taught, and now selling to all variety of athletic trainers across the country and the world. In this unique episode we got to travel down to Mueller Sports Medicine and tour part of it we never have been too before. We also had his great conversation with Joe on how he has transitioned from working as an AT to now focusing on getting ATs what they need to excel at their job.

Joe has a lot of different experiences and we talk about them here and how fortune seemed to work out to give him the opportunity to move into sales and eventually end up at Mueller. Joe has great insight on how he got into this type of role and some guidance for ATs who may want to look at this type of career move. There is a lot packed into this episode and we hope you enjoy it.

In this Episode:

+Working in a variety of settings and lessons learned

+How Joe moved into sales

+What he has learned in the process

+How AT skills have transferred over


+LinkedIn: Joe Kanefsky




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Friday, June 10, 2022

Ep. 109: Dr. Mark Cole-Embracing the Awkward

If you are struggling with anything around suicide or know anyone that is, please use the Nation Suicide Hotline at 1.800.273.8255

Dr. Mark Cole gave the talk ‘Embracing the Awkward’ at the 2022 Wisconsin Athletic Trainers Association annual meeting and during it highlighted so many great points that we had to ask him to come on and talk about the idea and what it all means for athletic trainers. To start we talk about being prepared to have the conversation when something seems off and you think someone may harm themselves. This can be difficult in its own but it can be crucial for athletic trainers to use with their patient population.

We also talk about what the role of the AT when it comes to mental health. There is a lot we can do as a profession but where does it end? Can we serve as counselors or do we need to have a point where we have to hand the person off to another professional. Dr. Cole has great ideas when it comes to establishing connections in the community and/or campus to help you establish mental health care. There are so many great take aways from this conversation and we hope you can find several to apply.

Please enjoy.


In this Episode:

+Sensing a situation isn’t “normal” and asking 

+Biopsychosocial model of health and social determinants of health

+Mental health action plan-Crisis is normal and should be expected

+What is the role of the AT

+How to establish mental health connections

+Compassionate resilience

+AT Cares: We can’t solve everything alone




+National Suicide Hotline: 1.800.273.8255



Twitter: @hikenwoodwork

@: mcole001@gmail.com 




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