Thursday, October 28, 2021

Ep. 84: Peter Sand-AT Success in the Secondary Setting

Peter Sand is an athletic trainer that works in the secondary setting in Iowa. Peter has a unique story on how he got back to working at the same high school that he attended. Peter has had a successful career in the secondary setting and has been able to figure out how to balance having a personal life while still maintaining a high quality of care to the patients he serves.

In this episode Peter discusses the importance of communication and collaboration and when to keep things close and when to let them go. Peter also talks about keeping in mind who you are there for and finding the balance to be able to maintain that high level of care. There are many great pieces of advice out of this episode. 

We also want to thank Peter for contributing to our ‘Throw a Lifeline’ program and getting us to filling our first set to send out. THANK YOU. We look forward to getting this going even stronger moving forward. If you are willing/able to contribute please check out. www.clinicallypressed.com/throwalifeline 

In this Episode

+Finding balance in life and work

+Providing high level care as a SSAT

+Learning when to let things go

+Trusting in letting other do parts of the job

Connect w/ Peter

Twitter: @Sand_ATC @warriorsportsmed 

@: petersand@norwalk.k12.ia.us, petersand@athletico.com




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