Thursday, April 20, 2023

Ep. 131: Matt Campbell & Jalynn Gorman-Concussion Collaboration

In this episode we do another follow up with Matt Campbell of Midwest Concussion Clinic on the latest in concussion updates, the importance of the first 48 hours, myths around concussion and also discussion on return to learn. In addition to talking to Matt we got to talk to Jalynn Gorman who is an occupational therapy student that has been working with Matt for the spring.

We also get deep into how the compliment of skills between athletic training and occupational therapy can be extremely powerful in the care of patients that suffer a traumatic brain injury. They discuss how even in the short time they have been working together it has been a huge benefit to the patients they see because there are skill that Jalynn brings to the table that Matt isn’t proficient at or doesn’t have the time to implement with the patients he sees on a regular basis. 

This is a great episode with a lot of good information and showing the power of interprofessional collaboration.


+Katie Mitchell-Thrive Neurosport

+Julie Stamm PhD

In this Episode:

+The first 48 hours, emergency and education

+Myths around concussion. How many can you have?

+How aerobic exercise fits in. Subsymptomatic.

+Return to learn.

+The concussion care team.


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