Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Ep. 133: Ally Kriefski-NFL Experience

Ally Kriefski is a seasonal athletic trainer who is currently working with the Green Bay Packers. Ally talks about the process she went through to become an NFL summer intern while she was a student and then the process of getting the role she is currently in. Ally shares how she went through the application process and the lessons she learned along the way to help her achieve her goal of becoming an athletic trainer in the NFL.

We also discuss how the experience of working in the NFL has been for Ally and the major news of the Green Bay Packers hiring their first full-time female athletic trainer. Ally also discusses important steps she took and how connecting with people helped get her where she wants to be and what she is currently doing to help continue to build her resume. Ally also offers up to connect with anything that has questions or is looking for advice or insight if they have a goal of working in the NFL.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

In this Episode:

+Applying for internships through PFATS website

+Seeting your plan and executing

+Continuing to grow your knowledge and connections

+Finding resources

+Women in the NFL


+LinkedIn: Ally Kriefski

+ akriefski@gmail.com 




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