Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ep. 8: Industrial ATC-Andrea Dosedla

Andrea Dosedla MS, ATC, LAT is an industrial athletic trainer. Andrea has a great story about how she got involved int this upcoming meeting of athletic training. It often is the random encounters and exchanges that can yield the best opportunities.  Since that time Andrea hasn’t stopped and has continue to build a great program in the industrial setting. 

We discuss how rewarding this setting can be and how much of a reward Andrea has gotten out of it. While it took time and education to start with the buy-in now that Andrea has it, she isn’t looking back. She has helped continue to increase the athletic training staff within the company she works for and is encouraging other athletic trainers to check the setting out and not judge it before getting a full sense of what it is. Great episode and we can’t wait to have more around the industrial setting.

Episode Notes:
>Ergonomic Certification
>The satisfaction of knowing you're keeping someone going that is working to support their family
>Building rapport with patients.
>Focus on true prevention in a very strenuous work environment.

Email: adosedla@quad.com
Phone: 414-566-7627
Facebook: Andrea Dosedla
LinkedIn: Andrea Dosedla



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