Friday, October 18, 2019

Ep. 21: Ryan Stevens-cATalyzing

Advocating for the athletic training is as important now as it has ever been. There have been several avenues that people have worked through in order to get the word out about athletic training and what the profession can do. In this episode we got to talk with Ryan Stevens, host of cATalyzing Podcast and Manager of Rehab Services (among other things) at RWJ Somerset and RWJ Hamilton hospitals.

In this episode we discussed what Ryan sees as some of the ‘other’ areas of athletic training that need to be addressed by the profession to help it keep growing and show how we can help a variety of people We also discuss the importance of ego and being able to check it at the door in order to learn from other professions and compliment each other. There are a lot of great ideas that people can focus on to try and help not only grow themselves but help the profession continue to advance.

+cATalyzing Podcast: Giving back to the profession
+Interprofessional skills|Public Speak
+Work|Life Wave: It may be impossible to completely balance it, and that is ok.
+"Look at yourself from the balcony."

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Instagram: @RStevensATC
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More info on Ryan
Overseeing operations, process improvement, and marketing/relations for four physical therapy clinics, 20 outreach athletic training partnerships, and a Performance Fitness service line, Ryan currently serves as Manager of Rehab services with RWJ Somerset and RWJ Hamilton hospitals (affiliates of RWJBarnabas Health). With over 16 years of expertise as a certified athletic trainer and certified strength & conditioning specialist in various healthcare and fitness settings, he has supervised growing outreach sports medicine programs at two large hospitals, developed numerous start-up athletic training sites and a start-up fitness business, and has created and delivered many engaging educational programs geared towards fitness and sports medicine professionals and the general public. In addition to being a graduate of the Penn State University athletic training program, Ryan is also uniquely trained in advanced areas of leadership and interpersonal skills via his Master's Degree through SUNY New Paltz in Humanistic & Multicultural Education and various other leadership and communications curriculums.  Recently, Ryan started a personal/professional development podcast specifically for athletic trainers, "The cATalyzing Podcast". You can connect with Ryan on facebook and instagram at @RStevensATC, as well as @cATalyzingATs on Twitter and Instagram

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