Monday, June 15, 2020

Ep. 47: Race in Athletic Training-A Roundtable Discussion

Racism is wrong. Hate can’t be accepted. Just not being “racist” is not enough to propel change. In order to help create change, we have to listen, work to comprehend and accept the fact that those in privileged positions can never understand what diverse people go through. 

ATChat hasn’t put a statement out because we needed to listen and learn from people that experience racism on potentially daily

basis. We denounce any form or racism or hate, not only within the athletic training community but in the world in general. We will do more to help be part of the change that is needed to increase equality and work with our diverse professionals to succeed and feel safe while doing so.

This roundtable discussion on Race in Athletic Training is a starting point and we can’t think Krystal, Ryan, Mercedes, Andrew, Brandon, Susan, Mike and Austin for being a part of the conversation and education. We held this roundtable to listen, learn, and find opportunities to try and make things better. 

#blacklivesmatter, racism and hate are still a problem. We need to do better and look forward to the opportunities to continue the conversation and do our part to make things better. 

Please find more resources in the notes and on the webpage for this episode. 


Focus Points in this Episode: 



+We must jump into the conversation

+Diversity vs. Inclusion

+What are you actively doing to show improvement

+Look at what your program requires, is it feasible for everyone to be a part of?

+Adding cultural competency classes.

+Reach out to the Diverse Community

Connect with the Guests:








Resources on Race: 

+For Our White Friends Trying to Be Allies

+Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

+Kareem Abdul Jabar Op Ed

+How to Respond to “riots never solve anything!”

+Your Silence is a Knee on My Neck

+Dear White People, Your Black Colleagues Aren’t Okay

+75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

+Resources to advance awareness

+White Academia: Do Better

+Redlining’s Legacy: Maps are gone but the problem hasn’t disappeared

+How to Build an Antirascist World

+The Path to Ending Systemic Racism in the US


-Jackie Robinson Movie

-The Green Book




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