Thursday, January 14, 2021

Ep. 72: Shauna Erickson-MVMT Matters

Shauna Erickson is an athletic trainer, PhD student, strength and conditioning coach and the founder of MVMT Matters. Needless to say Shauna has a few things going on. 

In this episode we discuss everything Shauna has going on and how it all ties together. With her company MVMT Matters, Shauna combines all her knowledge in athletic training, strength and conditioning as well as the mindset aspect of movement and performance to provide comprehensive programming to her clients.

Shauna’s unique approach allows for a focus on the prevention side of intervention and how it can compliment everything else in an athletes/clients journey to peak performance. So many great take aways from this episode. Enjoy.

Highlights of this Episode:

        +PhD pursuit because of the breadth and future that wasn’t only as a clinician.

+Stats & Clinical significance

+11+ warm-up and outcome measures

+MVMT Matters: What it’s about-’The Complete Athlete’ and Injury Prevention

+MVMT is the core of it all

+Figure out how you are marketable

Connect with Shauna:

IG: @MVMT.Matters

FB: MVMT Matters

@: shauna@mvmtmatters.net



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