Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Ep. 76: Karli Collins-AT & EMT

 Karli Collins has done a little bit of everything in her career thus far and continues to do so. We got to sit down with Karli and we covered a range of topics. The main topic we focused on what the EMT certification that Karli obtained early in her career and has kept up with. The EMT certification isn’t overly common in the athletic training community but there are professionals that have it and it could make sense for an AT to have that skill set. Karli provides great and unique insight into that topic of conversation.

We also discuss the transition in education that the profession is going through and how that impact many of the future professionals in athletic training. With most programs being 2+ years with so much information to teach, is it possible to get everything in? Should we be getting everything in during that time and where/how does it all fit? Some unique perspective on how it could all work and potential priority to certain aspects of what athletic trainers do.


In This Episode:

+Where does the EMT certification fit in for ATs?

+Situational importance.

+MSAT and can we teach it all? Should we teach it all?

+Emergency management is so essential.

Where Can People Find You:

Twitter: @allthings_AT

Twitter: @karli_collins 

@: karlibcollins@gmail.com



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