Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Ep. 75: Dr. Julie Stamm-The Brain on Youth Sports

Dr. Julie Stamm is an athletic trainer, professor at UW-Madison and soon to be published author. Dr. Stamm has done some incredible work in her career up to this point. That includes working on concussion and brain injury research at Boston University. Dr. Stamm has continued her work with concussion related research in her current role at UW-Madison.

Dr. Stamm’s focus has been primarily on the effects of repeated subconcussive impacts with youth athletes. This has led Dr. Stamm to write her book, ‘The Brain on Youth Sports’. This book focuses on the facts around subconcussive impacts and the youth brain as well as some of the myths that surround the injury and this particular age group.

In this episode we talk about what Dr. Stamm has been up to in her career, her upcoming book and about her research that she had done and has planned for the future. A lot of fantastic information in this episode, please enjoy this conversation with Dr. Julie Stamm.

Highlights of this Episode:

        +The reason for writing the book.

+The importance of what sub concussive forces can do.

+Is there a ‘best’ time to start contact sports.

>Waiting until high school is best.

+Virginia Tech helmet rating

+Rotational forces and injury

+Brain development piece is so important

>Protect the brain when they are young

ORDER HERE: The Brain on Youth Sports

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