Thursday, August 19, 2021

Ep. 83: Dan Ruedeman-AT in Ortho Trauma

Dan Ruedeman is an AT that works in the Ortho Trauma department at a University of Colorado Hospital. Dan hasn’t had the most “normal” path to becoming an AT (includes taking the BOC exam 6 times) but has worked his way to this current role and doing so much to promote ATs in physician practice.

In this episode we talk about all the unique aspects of physician practice that ATs can be of help with. Dan has a lot of unique insight and passion for this role and the impact it can have on different patient populations. If you’ve ever considered working in physician practice this is a great episode to listen to in order to get more information. I personally learned a lot from this episode and hope that you do as well.

In This Episode
+Working in orthopedic trauma
+OTC certification, BOC certification to come
+Looking at residency programs for experience
+What a typical week looks like
+Have to be able to give back to people and profession
+Empathy talks

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