Friday, May 28, 2021

Ep. 82: Dr. Justin Young-Tactical Athlete Care

Justin Young is an athletic trainer who just completed his DAT from Indiana State University. During his time there he started working with and building a Tactical Athlete Care Clinic that has evolved over the past two years (even with COVID). 

In this episode we discuss working with tactical athletes and what that looks like in this setting off athletic training. It comes with some unique challenges and Justin shares with us what he has identified, how he has gone about addressing it and how he plans to continue to build the care clinic in the future. 

Justin provides a ton of insight that would be very useful if you’re looking to work with tactical athletes but also, many that would apply to any setting. The demonstration of value and how ATs can impact this unique group of athletes can be applied across so many settings of AT.

Enjoy this episode with Justin Young.

In This Episode:

+Grey area for work comp vs. ache/pain.

+Screening process->Data->Facilitate care/rehab->Population based rehab->Repeat screening and use

+Patient education: Across the board

+Knowing what stakeholders and patients are looking for

+ATs are public health

+What gets measured gets done

Connect with Justin:

Twitter: @justiny_atc

LinkedIn: Justin Young DAT, LAT, ATC



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