Monday, January 10, 2022

Ep. 92: Dr. Justin Young-Psychological Ownership in AT

A unique paper caught our eye with the title “Psychological Ownership in Athletic Training” and it turns out it was written in part by a former guest Dr. Justin Young (Ep. 82-Tactical Athlete Care). In this episode with Justin we discuss what the paper on psychological ownership is all about and how its definition fits into the profession of athletic training. The paper found some unique insight into how athletic trainers relate not only to their employers and organizations but also to the profession as a whole. 

The insights about psychological ownership can be useful in many ways. It allows athletic trainers to reflect on their personal ownership within the profession and their current employer. Does this allow for changing how they apply themselves? It can also be extremely useful for athletic trainers in management and leadership positions as it shows where psychological ownership for ATs can lie and they can then potentially address areas to increase ownership and potential quality of work life. 

A lot to take away from this episode. Enjoy. 

In this Episode:

+PhD after DAT

+What is Psychological Ownership

+Application to the profession: profession vs. organization

+Short and long-term implications

+Where does this research lead into the future

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