Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Ep. 91: Jailene Olds-Out on My Own

Jailene is finishing up her first semester out of school and the start of her career and in this episode with NEW host Mercedes Himmons they talk about it. Everyone has gone through a lot this past year+ but for a new grad to help navigate through all of it, that can be a lot. Jailene talks about the start of her career and the importance of needing to have a support system to get it done and take care of yourself.

Not only is Mercedes hosting this episode, she is a colleague of Jailene’s and they discuss how their staff works together to help each other find balance while still operating at the highest level. Plenty of great information to take away from there. 

Finally, they discuss the importance of vaccines and some of the barriers that might exist. 

Please enjoy this episode. 

In this Episode:

+Operating as a young professional

+Work in the collegiate setting

+The importance of a support system

+Importance of vaccination



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