Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Ep. 94: Brian Stamm-AT Insurance Reimbursement & Leveraging Your Worth

Brain Stamm is a MBA with now a MPH degree. He is also the husband to Dr. Julie Stamm (Ep. 75: The Brain on Youth Sports) who is an athletic trainer and researcher. Brian has a unique perspective on athletic training, not only because he is married to one but he has worked with the profession from the business side. Brian has experience in the insurance industry and worked from that side of the deal to get athletic trainers reimbursement for services. He goes into detail about the process and it is more complex than I had originally thought. So much great information.

We also discussed the current state of the job market. From his unique business perspective Brian brings up some great points that athletic trainers looking for a new job or just to improve their own should check out and listen to and apply to their situation. We may hear these within our own but hearing it from the outside can sometimes be powerful. A lot of great things to take away from this episode. 

In This Episode: 

+The claims process, explained.

+Direct exclusions written in-How to handle: It's just the barrier, then comes the contract.

    >Who, what, where, when, and how much

+Limitations of the insurance companies.

+How to get recognized by more insurance companies.

+Finding gaps to make more efficient/expertise in the area that helps the greater whole with increased value.

+Rank order jobs and classifying them.

+Grass roots & local governments (i.e. school boards) to drive more action.

Connect w/ Brian:

+Linked In: Brian Stamm

+Twitter: @epi_nomics

Negotiation Resources

+Getting Past No

+Getting to Yes

+Masterclass: Chris Voss




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