Thursday, February 3, 2022

Ep. 95: Mike Watkins-Festive Fitness

Mike was a previous guest on ATChat in our roundtable Discussion on Race in Athletic Training (Ep. 47). In that episode Mike mentioned his company Festive Fitness and we’ve been trying to line up an interview since. We finally did and some things have changed with Mike and Festive Fitness. Mike is now working full-time in an orthopedic clinic while running Festive Fitness on the side.

Mike talks about the challenges he faced running his own business and then making the transition to having it be a part-time gig. Mike highlights how this has allowed him to have more control in his life and pick and choose when he wants to invest time into the business. There is a great discussion on how the skills that ATs have can translate to making it in the world of owning your own business. A lot of great insight in this episode. Enjoy!

In this Episode:

+Festive Fitness

+Balance and awareness with burnout

+Transferable skills, admin in AT helping with entrepreneurial journey

+Finding your niche

+Building community and culture




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