Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Ep. 97: Dr. Christy Eason-innovATe

Dr. Christy Eason is the Director of the innovATe project at the Korey Stringer Institute. In this episode we go deep into what that innovATe project is all about, how it came to be, what’s been done so far, and plans for the future. This project is unique and has been so impactful to this point and there is more coming. Dr. Eason reviews how it came to be and how the program is ensuring not only getting ATs into positions for the short-term but ultimately helping ensure there is a plan to keep them there and provide services. 

We also discuss what athletic trainers can do to help facilitate positive change when it comes to emergency management and especially around EHS. Dr. Eason highlights a couple changes that are coming to state laws that have been achieved by collaboration of EMS and ATs. We discuss the importance of advocating for your expertise and how you can make a difference when you are able to find the best place to start the conversation.

LINK: KSI- https://ksi.uconn.edu/outreach/innovate/ 

In this Episode:

+innovATe program

+Providing more access to ATs

+ATs as experts in EHS and Emergency

+Demonstrating expertise and facilitating change

+Happenings at KSI




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