Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Ep. 96: Justin Ullom-Pursuing a Career in Football

Justin Ullom is an AT that has been working at various levels of football. He has been at the highest level with time in the NFL as well as working with high school athletes. Greg interviews Justin and they discuss their time together in the NFL with the Denver Broncos and what they both learned.

Justin also highlights the importance of having career goals and strategically finding opportunities to help you achieve those goals. This can mean taking internships instead of a job with a guaranteed salary. These have to be decisions that you take seriously and make sure they align with what you want to do long-term. If they do, it’s never a wrong decision.

They also chat about the similarities and differences they see in the different levels of football but one constant across all of them is that communication is key. A lot of great take aways in this discussion. Enjoy.

In this Episode:

+Chasing good experiences

+Reaching career goals

+Differences at levels of football and AT Care

+Connections can be everything




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