Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Ep. 101: Chelsea Lowe-Filling the Void and Finding Purpose

Chelsea Lowe is an athletic trainer that has hit every goal she has set out for herself during her career. She is ambitious, caring and will do anything she can to help the patients she serves. All of these are admirable qualities and important in being an athletic trainer. But what happens when it becomes too much and that starts to impact your ability to take care of yourself and ultimately those you serve? This is what we talk about in this episode.

Chelsea shares how things shifted in her career and it ultimately led her to moving out of the athletic training profession in the traditional sense of providing care. She has moved into working with a secondary athletic insurance company that has allowed her to bring new balance to her life. We talk about the void that has been left in her identity since leaving traditional AT practice and how she has worked to continue to fill that and identify what might fill that in the future. 

If you’ve been stressed as an AT or unsure about your future in the profession this is a great episode to hear what someone else went through.

In this Episode:

+Transition to a new job.

+Fill the void with change.


+Leader vs. Manager. What is in a title.

+How much is to much to take on.

+Providing a safe space.

Connect w/ Chelsea

Twitter: @sportzgurl5280

IG: @sportzgurl5280

FB: Chelsea Lowe

@: chelsealowe.5280@gmail.com

Tiktok: sportzgurl5280

LinkedIn: Chelsea Lowe MSE, LAT, ATC




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