Thursday, April 14, 2022

Ep. 103: Rory Blevins-Practicing at the Highest Level, At Any Level

Rory is an athletic trainer that currently works in the secondary setting at a Texas high school. Rory has done quite a bit in his career this far and that is what we talk about in this episode. Rory’s goal was to work with elite and professional soccer and so he set out on a path to get there. He shares his story about how he helped create opportunities for himself to reach that goal. He highlights the importance of reaching out and trying to connect with people and how important that can be to getting where you want to.

We then talk about how priorities in life shifted and where Rory is now. Rory has great insight on how things changed in his life and how he has now worked to continue to find meaning in his work while also still being able to practice his skills at the highest level. There is great insight into this idea for anyone that is going through, or thinking of, a change in the career and the setting they are working in. Please enjoy this episode.

In this Episode:

+Redefining purpose

+Competition within AT

+Importance of who you know and the importance of reaching out

+Soft tissue work in soccer and in the SSAT setting

+Resources in the SSAT setting

+Work life integration

Connect w/ Rory

Twitter: Rory_Blevins

IG: blevins.rory15

FB: Rory Blevins




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