Thursday, May 5, 2022

Ep. 105: Lori Uretsky-A Variety of Settings. Current: Military

Lori Uretsky has done a lot in her career and picked up so many invaluable skills along the way. Currently Lori works in the military setting and she couldn’t be happier doing it. In this episode that is what we talk about. Lori outlines the demands that are placed on the military members she works with and how it influences her care approach to each individual. She highlights how important it is to focus on the individual and what they need from you and she accomplishes this by focusing on specific questions.

We also talk on a much broader on how Lori has grown her skillset and knowledge of different interventions. Lori has done a lot of continuing education and at times it can be hard to figure out what type of intervention you want to use. We talk about how Lori balances everything and figures out how to best apply them with her patients.  There is so much great information packed into this episode, enjoy!

In this Episode:

+Skillsets and certifications

+Individualized care, asking questions

+Balancing care

+Government service one vs. contractor

+Build skills to fit the role


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+Instagram: loribu3

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