Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Ep. 104: Caleb Lott & Jared Maisel-APATS

In this episode we talk to Caleb Lott and Jared Maisel who athletic trainers who have worked (and continue to) in secondary settings in Asia. In this episode we talk about their experiences and how things are similar and also very different from the setting we are used to in the United States. Caleb has been working in Asia for 8 years and has been raising a family in Asia and talks about the great experiences his job has provided him and his family. Jared started off working in Asia and now has moved to Brussels and is starting to build a new program for athletic training and expose those he care for to what the profession can do.

We also discuss APATS, Asia Pacific Athletic Trainer’s Society, and how it was formed and the reason for its creation. Both Caleb and Jared were there at the beginning of APATS. They share how and why it was created and what the goals are of the group as it continued to grow and build more of a presence in Asia. If you have any interest in working in Asia, this is a great episode to learn so much and get a much better idea of what it all entails.


In this Episode:

+The creation of APATS

+Working in Asia

+Benefits and difficulties of working in Asia

+Promoting the profession


+Caleb: lottc@tas.edu.tw

+Jared:  maiselj@isb.be & @JaredATC

+IG: @APATsociety



+NATA International Committee Ambassador Program




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