Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Ep. 111: Zach Turner-Reading to Improve AT Practice

We aren’t talking AT textbooks or anything directly related, but yes, reading is what we are focused on. Zach is an avid reader and is constantly looking for books that stretch his thinking and figuring out how to apply into his AT practice and daily interactions. We discuss some of the books that have had a significant impact on Zach and how he approaches his role in the university setting.

If you’re looking for a couple books to read or just want to hear how someone is taking books that they enjoy and applying them differently to their practice, this is a great episode. If you want some entertainment on Twitter, follow Zach, he usually has something good to say and will definitely get a laugh from you. Please enjoy this episode with Zach Turner.

In this Episode:

+Applying lessons to the real world

+Understanding humility and applying it

+Broadening perspective

+Applying non-AT concepts to AT

+Being open to all learning


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IG: zturnerofficial96_




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