Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Ep. 112: Courtney Fernandes-Project Chaos

In this episode we talk with Courtney Fernando’s who just finished up her masters work at the University of Toledo. While she was there she was part of an interesting research project named, ‘Project Chaos’. The name alone grabbed our attention and so we wanted to talk with Courtney about what the project was and how it can impact rehabilitation going forward.

The conversation was extremely interesting and there is a lot that this project attempted to take a look at. If you are listening to this, please check out the YouTube video for videos showing the actual testing. The preliminary results from this study take a look at how we can potentially better understand the return to sport process for athletes and how they respond in uncertain environments. This is a key aspect of the rehabilitation process and one that can be hard to mimic in a traditional rehabilitation setting. 

This was a very interesting project and a great discussion on it, please enjoy.

In this Episode:

+Bridge from rehab to return to play

+What we knew, now being shown in science

+Better ideas for return to play

+Focus on patient as a whole, beyond just the playing surface

+Study resources: 

State Trait Anxiety Inventory  (We used the STAI-6, a shortened version with only 6 questions)


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