Thursday, August 4, 2022

Ep. 114: Grady Congleton-4D Sports Medicine

Grady is an athletic trainer that currently works with middle school athletes. At the time of this recording he was writing a blog called “Youth Sports Reimagined”. Since then he has rebranded it to “4D Sports Medicine”. Everything in the conversation still applies, it is just happening under a different name.

In this episode we talk about how youth sports has been going through its own arms race and the detrimental impacts it has been having on some youth sports athletes. There is no quick fix for what youth sports have become and it will take many people to help restore it back to where athletes aren’t quitting at the age of 13. Hear some of the things that Grady has picked up in his education and experience working with these athletes. Check it out.


In this Episode:

+Living vicariously through kids

+Long-term athlete development model

+Injury and quitting around the age of 13

+Best practices to communicate and educate

+Importance of ATs and shifting youth sport culture

Mentioned: Freakonomics, Adam Grant, Atomic Habits


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