Thursday, January 12, 2023

Ep. 123: Jen Xu-Nuance in Athletic Training

Jen Xu is a minimalist shoe enthusiast in addition to everything else she has going on. Jen is currently a PhD student at the University of Virginia, doing stand up comedy, taking care of a new puppy and writing on Medium. This discussion came up when Jen posted about the importance of the details and nuance that come with moving into minimalist shoes. This idea grew into the conversation we had about the importance of nuance in everything athletic training.

In this episode we talk about many different aspects of athletic training and how nuance plays a role. We discuss because of how vast the profession is and how many different things can be effective but when it comes to making a huge difference it is in the nuance of care that is essential. We cover a lot of ground and of course, we talk about minimalist shoes and how Jen, the enthusiast she is, has seen how much nuance is important in getting people interested in the potential transition. A lot to take away from this conversation, enjoy.

In this Episode:

+Defintion of nuance

+Always have a reason-work towards to the ‘right’ reason

+’Too dumb to fake’

+Movement Optimists

+E3 Rehab Podcast

+Nuance and minimalist footwear (Transition shoes: Alta)


Twitter: @jenxu_atc (https://twitter.com/jenxu_atc)

Instagram: barefoot.at (https://www.instagram.com/barefoot.at/)

Medium: jen-xu.medium.com 




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