Thursday, December 22, 2022

Ep. 122: Laurence White-Pneumatic Compression: Mueller REVIVE

Laurence has been involved with pneumatic compression for over a decade. He has seen how some of it has evolved and how other aspects of it have not. He also has used it in his own career in rugby where recovery is essential. Laurence moved his career into consulting with compression as well as sales across the world and getting the right tools in the hands of the people that need it the most.

In this episode we discuss the basics of pneumatic compression and the science the goes into it. Did you know you can actually get way too much compression in a garment and actually cut off the lymphatic system? Did you know how low that number can be? We cover all of that and highlight Mueller’s latest technology in sports medicine with the REVIVE system. Laurence shares all the details and the importance of each of them when choosing what compression system is right for you. A great place to get more information.

Check it out and enjoy.

In this Episode:

+Recovery focus

+Backed by science, does that fit in, will the athletes buy in

+Not all compression is the same

>Pressure sweet spot 50-70mmHg. Greater than 80mmHg can cut off the lymphatic system

>Cycle time: sequent graded compression, ~1-1:15 per cycle to get more flushes

+REVIVE M4 and the control of the program

+Garments can be just as important as the unit

+Combining compression with soft tissue work and breathing


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