Thursday, February 2, 2023

Ep. 125: Tommy Pittman-Injury Prevention Specialist/Industrial Athletic Trainer

Tommy is an industrial athletic trainer and injury prevention specialist. In this episode we discuss what exactly an injury prevention specialist is and how it compares to the industrial athletic trainer. There can be a lot of nuance in what you can and cannot do under each title and how each one allows you to practice within the full scope of your training. Tommy shares how OSHA plays into the management of each case and scenarios and where an athletic trainer can focus their skills when it comes helping the patients they care for.

Tommy provides some great insight in this episode if you have considered going into the industrial setting or applying for an injury prevention specialist role. There are many different aspects you need to learn and understand moving into this setting and this is a great episode to get a solid foundational understanding to move into this space. 

In this Episode:

+Injury prevention specialist vs. industrial AT

+OSHA Guidelines: Injury, pain and words to be wary of

+Work vs. Non-work injury

+Work place biomechanics

+Building rapport and trust

+Public health education


LinkedIn: Tommy Pittman

Twitter: @32pittman

Instagram: @32pittman




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