Friday, February 10, 2023

Ep. 126: Dr. Anthony Breitbach-Interprofessional

 Ep. 126: Dr. Anthony Brietbach-Interprofessional 

Dr. Breitbach has done a lot in his career and worked in many different settings prior to moving into academics. From there he has been a program director and now works as a vice dean and professor and his research focuses on interprofessional education and collaborative practice. Dr. Breitbach has been deeply involved with this area of research and education through the courses he teaches at Saint Louis University.

In this episode we discuss what interprofessional education and collaborative practice are and how they can be applied to athletic training and building a healthcare team. As we have seen in my instances, a team is what can make a difference and help provide the highest level of care to the patients they serve. Dr. Breitbach provides an abundance of insight into these topics and a lot of takeaways about the importance of them and how to implement them in your daily practice. Please enjoy.

In this Episode:

+Interprofessional education and collaborative practice defined

+Learn about, from and with

+Generalizability in research: longer and wider

+Common purpose, interprofessional identity (dual identity formation)

+High impact practice

+ATs need to own and share our unique skillsets

+”It’s your path, I just happen to be on it.”


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