Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Ep. 129: Jessica McManus-innovATe in Action

In this episode we talk with Jessica McManus who is an athletic trainer that has been employed to work with patients in the Stewart County Georgia School System. We originally discussed the innovATe program with Dr. Christy Eason in Ep. ## and that is how we connected with Jessica. Jessica is serving this school district but in a unique way. She is doing it as a part-time athletic trainer in addition to her full-time work as an industrial athletic trainer.

We discuss how the program has been going and how it has been starting from the beginning. Jessica shares how everything started and where she was able to find help and resources and where PFATS came in to help provide resources to get started. Jessica talks about balancing her time with two jobs while setting up the new program. She also mentions at the end of the end that if anyone would be interested in her role in a full-time capacity, let her know. Please enjoy this episode.

In this Episode:

+Starting from scratch and finding resources

+Connections with PFATS and their support

+Key resources and education

+Creating buy-in

+Finding opportunities to create impact


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