Thursday, May 25, 2023

Ep. 135: Sean Gough-Shoulder impingement and ATs in esports

Sean is an athletic trainer that has a unique connection to the world of esports and also has a passion for dispelling certain types of information when it comes to the diagnosis of shoulder impingement. We start with shoulder impingement and Sean walks through very specific details in how the anatomy, physiology, and mechanics work around the shoulder and potential impingement. Sean makes the case that a lot of the things the patient and clinician think are happening when the shoulder is moving that might contribute to impingment, has been found in the literature to not actually occur. We also discuss that if these things aren’t the case, what should we be doing about this shoulder pain.

We also discuss esports and where athletic trainers might fit in to the care of these patients. Sean has a unique insight as we was a semi-professional player in esports and knows the insights and dedication these esports athletes put in to operate at the highest level of their craft. It was a fascinating insight into what it takes to play at that level and how athletic trainers may fit into the picutre. 

In this Episode:

+What is shoulder impingement exactly?

+Pain as a direct measure of damage

+Subacromial space pain, rotator cuff pain

+esports and athletic training


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