Thursday, June 8, 2023

Ep. 136: Meghan Johnson-Mental Health in Athletics

Meghan Johnson is an athletic trainer that has also finished up her masters degree in clinical mental health counseling. In her last episode with us Meghan was finishing up her softball career while also being a certified athletic trainer (Ep. 80). Currently Meghan is working as an athletic trainer in the secondary setting while also doing some mental health counseling during her off hours. 

In this episode we talk about Meghan has been up to and we getting into the depths of what she has been working on helping out with mental health in athletics. Meghan talks about the mental health screening that she developed in her graduate work (linked on the show page) and how she has worked to set up resources for people that may test high on that screen. Mental health will continue to beocme a much bigger discussion in athletics and this is a great episode to find some resources to help you address the need in your setting.

LINK: Mental Health History and Screening

In this Episode:

+Clinical counseling

+Current state of mental health in athletics

+Mental health screening tool

+Advice whwn utlizing a screen and getting results

+Mental health and minors: state by state

+Implementing a mental health screen


+Twitter: @GreenMegsandham

Resources (linked on show page)

+Ep. 109: Mark Cole

+BOOK: What Made Maddy Run

+BOOK: Psyche of the Injured Athlete



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