Thursday, June 15, 2023

Ep. 137: Mark Husen-Cardiac Care and Relationships in AT

Mark Husen is an athletic trainer for Bellin Health in the Green Bay WI area and a recently inducted member of the Wisconsin Athletic Trainers Association Hall of Fame. He has done a lot in his career, which we get into, but has always had a huge focus on cardiac care and the access to AEDs. He shares a personal story about the importance of AED accessibility and why it has been a passion of his to these invaluable resources plentiful wherever he can. He also discusses a $100,000 initiative with the Green Bay Packers to help meet this need.

We also discuss relationships within the athletic training profession. Mark highlights why they have been so important in his career and why he focuses on it so much with not only his own career but with other athletic trainers that he interacts with. This episode has a ton to take away and we really enjoyed talking to Mark. Please enjoy this episode.

In this Episode:

+Marks story of a cardiac episode

+Grants and donations to secure AEDs

+The importance of relationships

+ATs as the keystone of athletic departments

+Connecting with young professionals


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+IG: @husen.mark



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