Thursday, August 31, 2023

Ep. 144: Lyle Danley-Data Driven AT

Lyle Danley is an athletic trainer who has worked in several different settings within the profession. He has also gone back to school and made data analytics a focus of his new shift in career paths. Lyle has taken his knowledge of data analytics and science and applied it in the professional sports setting and currently within the US military.

Lyle discusses what data analytics is, steps to focus on what you should be looking at and how to make the most out of data that is collected. Data is much more than just collecting it. It is important to know what the reason is and how to make sure the data tells the story or paints the picture that you want it to. If you’re interested in data, this is a great episode.

In This Episode:

+Value units. Measurables

+Intent of the stakeholders

+Don’t overcomplicate things

+What metrics should you be looking at

+TPIQ: Tactical Performance Indicator Questionnaire

+Lead management is a key metric

Connect with  Lyle: 

Twitter: @datadrivenAT (https://twitter.com/datadrivenAT )



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