Thursday, August 24, 2023

Ep. 143: Dr. Sam Arrendondo-ATs: The Whole Toolbox

Sam is an athletic trainer working in the industrial setting and is also a member of the Industrial Athletic Trainers Society. Sam had a tweet that went viral through #ATtwitter. The tweet focused on how vast the skillset is for athletic trainers and where we fit into the healthcare world. In this episode, we talked about what inspired the tweet and more of the meanings behind it. There are some great insights into the athletic training profession.


“Athletic training is one of the most valuable healthcare professions and that’s why it’s still misunderstood. Hard to find another healthcare profession that has the orthopedic and gen med knowledge, sideline evaluation skills we have and that’s cutting the list very, very short.

So many other healthcare professions are easy to understand because what you see them do, is typically what they do primarily. When you see what an AT does once, that might just be them using that skill ONCE. People simply don’t understand EVERYTHING we are skilled at doing.

We are the most adaptable, multi-skilled healthcare provider out there. Simply the availability of having an AT around is tremendous. We aren’t the Swiss Army knife, we’re the whole toolbox.”

In This Episode:

+ATs are not the Swiss army knife, they are the whole toolbox

+Showcasing ATs behind the scenes

+Return of $3-4 for every $1 invested

+Implementing changes in the industrial setting

+Generalist specialist

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LinkedIn: Sam Arredondo (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sam-arredondo/  )




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