Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Ep. 146: Rachel Deal-Your Very Own Athletic Trainer

Rachel Deal is an athletic trainer that has worked in a variety of settings and in doing so has answered a lot of questions from parents and athletes but never had a go to resource to send them to. Rachel has decided to work to try and fix that issue and provide that service to both atlhletes and parents alike with Your Very Own Athletic Trainer.

Rachel shares the story of how this idea came to be and what she has been working on since starting is earlier this year. She shares how she hopes this can serve as a great option for athletes and parents to have a resource around injuries, treatment and rehabilitation options and other aspects of being injured that if they had an athletic trainer, they could ask. It’s a great story of finding a need and then figuring out how to address it. Check it out and we hope you enjoy.

In This Episode:

+Educational focus: Easy to comprehend topics

+Focus on parents and answering their questions

+Tips on communicating

+Future services

+Reach out to be a part of it. Collaboration opportunities

Connect with Rachel: 

+Twitter: @yourveryownat (https://twitter.com/YourVeryOwnAT )

+IG: @your_very_own_at (https://www.instagram.com/your_very_own_at/ )


LinkedIn: Rachel Deal (https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-deal-44170226a/)

LinkedIn: Your Very Own AT (https://www.linkedin.com/company/your-very-own-athletic-trainer/ )




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