Thursday, October 5, 2023

Ep. 147: Leah Dorn-Non-Certified ATs in CA: AT Mom

Leah Dorn is a certified athletic trainer that works in California. As many know, California has no regulation as it relates to athletic training even though there has been significant effort to try and achieve it. Leah talks about how this lack of regulation impacts her care of patients and extra steps she takes to help ensure her patients are being taken care of by a qualified professional. Some of the stories are wild and it definitely makes you appreciate if your state has licensure.

Leah is also a new mom (the baby makes an appearance at the end) and she talks about how she manages her life and time with pumping and feeding her child and how she focuses on spending time with her family. She offers some fantastic insight.

In This Episode:

+AT legislation in California

+Non-certified “ATs”

+How common are non-certified “ATs” in California

+being a nursing mom and an AT

Connect with Leah 

+Twitter: @leah_dorn (https://twitter.com/Leah_Dorn )

+Instagram: @leah.dorn (https://www.instagram.com/leahdorn/ )



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