Thursday, November 9, 2023

Ep. 150: Evan Krening-Military Training and Care

In this episode, we talk to Evan Krening who is an athletic training and strength and conditioning coach who works in the tactical setting. Evan started off in this new setting working as an athletic trainer as part of the performance team but then switched over to focus on the strength and conditioning side.

We discuss what it entails to be working with this type of population and how you train them when there is no specific in-season and off-season. We also discuss the efforts that took place to help create buy-in and show the benefit of the team but also to engage those that they serve. Evan also discusses the evolution of technology they have utilized, and also discarded, and how finding the right balance is essential to optimal performance. 

If you’re interested in the tactical setting, this is a very informative episode. Enjoy.

In This Episode:

+Experiences as an AT in the tactical setting

+The Bridge Program. Rehab to return to duty.

+AT skills that compliment the S&C side

+Programming for the tactical population

+Utilizing technology (or not). Velocity based training.

+Human performance optimization team structure

Connect with Evan

+IG: @Sharpened_By_Iron (link: https://www.instagram.com/sharpened_by_iron/ )

+ evan@sbistrength.com 




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