Friday, October 20, 2023

Ep. 148: Hunter Robinson-Just Getting Started

Hunter is a recently graduated athletic trainer who at the time of the recording is just about to start his first season in professional hockey with the Savannah Ghost Pirates. In this episode, we discuss how things have gone so far being newly graduated and what has been expected and also what has been surprising so far.

We also discuss what Hunter picked up during a couple year break between his undergraduate and graduate work. During this time he worked as an exercise physiologist and aquatic therapist. We discuss how gaining experience and a different perspective during this time of work has helped him grow and thrive as an athletic training student and now an athletic trainer. There will definitely be a follow-up on aquatic therapy in the future.  Until that time, please enjoy this episode as Hunter is just getting started in his athletic training career.

In This Episode:

+Going back to school for MSAT v. PT school

+Aquatic therapy: watsu, bodagrose ring method
+The six degrees of AT separation

+Workers comp and gaining knowledge of process

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