Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Ep. 153: Mitchell Barnhart-AT Free CEUs

Mitchell is an athletic trainer who has provided a lot of value to the profession by setting up a website that lists free CEUs so you don’t have to go and find them on your own. This all started as a project and solving a problem that many people had stated, they just couldn’t find CEUs that were legit and actually free. Mitchell started ATfreeCEU.com and in this episode, he shares his story on how it all got started.

He also discusses the process he goes through to audit the CEUs on a semi-annual basis to ensure that everything stays up to date. It is pretty impressive to hear how many free CEUs there are out there. There are plenty to cover several periods of CEU reporting. This is a great episode on finding a problem, solving it, and providing value to the profession. Check it out.

In This Episode:

+Finding time for volunteer service

+The creating of www.atfreeceu.com


+CEUs, certifications, professional development

+Development outside of CEUs

Connect with Mitchell

Twitter:@ATFreeCEU (https://twitter.com/ATFreeCEU )

@: atfreeceu@gmail.com





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