Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Ep. 154: Paul Rupp-Social Media & Ethics in Athletic Training

Paul Rupp is an athletic trainer who works in the secondary setting and is the chair of the NATA Committe on Professional Ethics. Paul recently wrote an article in the NATA News about the importance of ethics in athletic training but in particular how it applies to social media. If you’ve been around social media you’ve probably seen how some topics tend to get very heated, very quickly and often can turn into something that goes beyond discussion. Paul discusses how the COPE handles these cases and also discusses how often these types of cases come up.

The episode contains a ton of insight on what COPE is and how it tries to help keep the profession ethical, in particular the members of the NATA. They put in a lot of work and the cases they deal with range wildly in terms of what they pertain too. It was an enlightening episode for me and I think will shed some great light on what the committee does and their goals to help the profession. Please check it out and in the future, think before you Tweet (X, post, etc.).

In This Episode:

+What is COPE and how does it work?

+Statistics of what comes into COPE.

+Common issues of ethical violations on social media

+See somethign and please report it

+What actually is permission? Application to minors.

+Trying to be a part of the COPE commitee.

Connect with Paul

+Twitter: @OaktonHSATP (https://twitter.com/OaktonHSATP )

+Instagram: @OaktonHSATP (https://www.instagram.com/oaktonhsatp/ )

@: prupp@fcps.edu

LINK: https://www.nata.org/committee-professional-ethics 



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