Thursday, February 29, 2024

Ep. 160: Joshua Morales-The Secondary Setting: A Front Porch to AT

Joshua is an athletic trainer who works in the secondary setting and is a huge advocate of why it is so important in the athletic training profession. This is a sentiment I couldn’t agree with more as it is commonly the first interaction most patients have with an athletic trainer. This can be a huge opportunity to show the value of athletic training and have such an impact as people move on to collegiate athletics or if they interact with one in a clinic down the road.

Joshua talks about why he thinks the setting is one of (maybe the main) front porch to athletic training and why it is so important. He highlights a lot of the opportunities he sees in this setting as well as some of the challenges that come with it. There seem to be several on both sides but the opportunities win out. He also discusses what advice he would give someone heading into this setting and things that he has learned along the way. A great episode that highlights a vital part of the athletic training profession.

In This Episode:

+The importance of the secondary setting AT

+Challenges working in this setting

+Life balance in this setting

+How this setting impacts athletic training as a whole

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