Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Ep. 161: Beth Shoulder-Clinically Educating

There are so many settings that athletic trainers can have an impact in. When it comes to the educational aspect, it is vital to the profession for obvious reasons. How do educators focus on keeping at the top of their game? Beth Shoulders discusses that very topic in this episode.

Beth is the clinical education coordinator at Spalding University as well as an assistant professor. In addition to this role she is currenlty working on her PhD in Health Professions Education and in her limited free time she continues to work as a PRN athletic trainer to continue to keep her skills sharp and current. We focus on why this is important to her and how it impacts her teaching. Beth provide great insight into why this important to her and why she thinks it is beneficial to her students and herself. Check it out. 

In This Episode:

+Importance of clinical practice in teaching

+Balancing teaching, school, and education

+Relating clinical experiences to teaching

+Finding time for service

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