Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Ep. 162: Katie Lee-Staff Wellness & Burnout. Acrobatics.

Katie Lee is a doctoral student at Baylor University that is focusing her dissertation work on staff wellness, burnout, and caffeine consumption as it relates to a solution. In addition to this important conversation, we also discuss acrobatics, which Katie is working with while going through her program.

Burnout is obviously a big topic in the athletic training profession, rightfully so. Katie helps define burnout and talks about some of the comparisons to other professions that can experience something similar. She notes how it can be a very vicious cycle that impacts both the athletic trainer but how it can also move into patient care. Katie also talks about best practices to help identify and address burnout before it hopefully gets too far. 

The discusson on acrobatics is also fascinating as a new sport. Katie defines what it is and how the athletic trainers that work with these athletes continue to work together to figure out best practices to care for this athlete population. A lot of great insight into an emerging sport. Check it out and thank you for listening. 

In This Episode:

+Staff wellness and burnout

+Caffeine consumption and burnout

+Burnout best practices

+What is acrobatics?

+Unique challenges and opportunties within the sport

Connect with Katie

Twitter: @KLee_atc

IG: @kathymaggie



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