Thursday, April 22, 2021

Ep. 79: Brea Stanton-Mentor and Mentee

Brea is finishing up her second year in the DAT program at Indiana State University where she is also currently working as a GA working with a local high school. As part of the process of working through the DAT each student was required to serve as a mentor for other ATs and also reach out to a potential mentor. That is how this episode came to be.

Brea and Joel go back to their time together at UW-La Crosse where Brea was a student and Joel served as a preceptor. They didn’t see eye-to-eye on everything and hadn’t stayed in touch after Brea graduated. The mentor program has allowed them to reconnect and that’s what they discuss. The renewed connection has allowed them both to learn and that’s bee a huge key to the success. Enjoy.

In This Episode:

+Mentor and Mentee training through DAT

+Just reach out and ask. List why you're asking.

+Look for qualities you want and highlight when you ask.

+Title vs. Qualities

+Perspective is so important and able to shift.

Connect with Brea:

Twitter: @stantonbrea

IG: BreaStanton18

@: brea3212@gmail.com

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