Thursday, May 13, 2021

Ep. 81: Mark D'Anza-SSAT Service

Mark D’Anza is an athletic trainer out in Las Vegas and was previously on the podcast for Ep. 42: Service in Athletic Training. We’ve been meaning to follow up with Mark because at that time he was just about to embark in service on the national SSAT committee. 

In this conversation we touch base about how things have been going on the SSAT committee and what they have been working on over the course of about a year since Mark was gearing up to get ready for it. Mark and the committee have been busy at work and are continuing to come up with resources for SSAT all over the country and trying to make them as applicable as possible for this special group of people that serve patient across the country.

Please enjoy this follow-up episode with Mark D’Anza.

In This Episode

+Secondary school symposium

+Advocacy and push AT but can't control hiring

+Finding key stakeholders

+Connecting people to resources

+Reaching out to those you are representing

+Communication can't be an excuse

Connect with Mark

Twitter: @MarkdATC

www. Far West Athletic Trainers

@: mark.j.danza@gmail.com 



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