Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Ep. 120: Scott Stansbury-Career Transition & Pro Baseball

 Scott is now an athletic trainer in the Baltimore Orioles organization where you is the Minor League Medical Coordinator. Scott has done quite a bit in his career and seen athletics on many different levels.  He has been at a D1 level for baseball and the moved to DIII and because the head athletic trainer. There are plenty of transitions just within that change but to then take the next step, Scott is now working in professional baseball.

Scott and Austin discuss all the transitions that Scott has had in his career and the challenges and successes that he has had along the way. Scott also discuss what day to day life is being the medical coordinator for the minor league affiliates of the Orioles. He provides some great advice for anyone that is considering experience or a career in professional baseball. A lot to take away from this episode. Enjoy.

Check it out and enjoy.

In this Episode:

+D1 to D3 Setting-Transition

+College to professional sports

+Role of the minor league coordinator

+Balancing life working in professional baseball

+Advice for ATs looking to get into baseball

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