Thursday, December 15, 2022

Ep. 121: Dr. Kim Barber Foss-”Everything can be a Good Research Question”

We have Dr. Kim Barber Foss on the podcast before but many things have changed for here since that time, including her credentials. As you see it is now Dr. Barber Foss. In our first conversation with her we discussed clinical research and how it is important to have clinic influenced research to help keep the scientific community moving forward. Since then Dr. Barber Foss made a huge switch from being in the secondary setting for the past 30 years to now working entirely in research.

In this episode we talk about everything that has happened over the last ~1.5 years and what she is up to now with Emory SPARC. We discuss some high level research that is occurring but also discuss the epidemiological work that she did for her dissertation but hopes to continue to do in the future moving forward. It was great to catch up with Dr. Barber Foss and this episode was loaded with tons of great information. Enjoy.

Check it out and enjoy.

In this Episode:

+Translational research

+Clinical research

+Epidemeological research

+Just start writing and reading


+”Everything can be a good research question”


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