Thursday, August 3, 2023

Ep. 141: Roland Schmidt-Diabetes in the Athletic Population: What ATs Need to Know

Roland Schmidt is an athletic training that works in the secondary setting but beyond that he has taken a focus on care of the athlete that also has diabetes. Roland shares his personal story of how diabetes has impacted his life and the effects it can have on people. We also discuss many topics around diabetes with a primary focus on why it can be so difficult for athletes with diabetes to thrive at their desired activity.

Roland shares a ton of great information on what athletic trainers can do and what they should know if they do work with an athlete with diabetes. There are many impactful things that the AT profession can do to help that person along their way in managing blood sugars, being prepared in case of emergency and just being another resource in that persons life. This episode was a great resource and we hope you find the same benefit from it.

In This Episode:

+Athlete with diabetes vs. Diabetic athlete

+How common is it to work with athletes with diabetes

+Key points: Identification, knowing athlete specific signs and symptoms

+Prevention, developing a plan, figuring out adjustments

+Baseling prep: CHO, padding, glucometer. General understanding of baseline numbers (80-120), glucometer, insulin pump

+Do NOT mess with insulin levels or timing

+Not all athletes with diabetes are treated the same

Connect with Roland: 

@: roland.schmidt@bellin.org

Twitter: @rolandatc https://twitter.com/rolandatc 

Facebook: Roland Schmidt https://www.facebook.com/roland.schmidt.5836 


American Diabetes Association: https://diabetes.org/ 

NATA Position Statement: https://www.nata.org/sites/default/files/mgmtofathletewithtype1diabetesmellitus.pdf 

Bellin: https://www.bellin.org/locations/bellin-health-titletown-sports-medicine-orthopedics/services/athletes-with-diabetes 



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